I once uploaded a bunch of wrong photos to Facebook's album and after realizing my mistake - deleted them. And this broke things. Now every time I upload photos to this album, Facebook incorrectly shows number of newly uploaded photos. If I upload 2 new photos, this is what my timeline will show:

Raitis Gorbacevičs added 11 new photos to the album India 2013.

And listed photos are last 11 (well, 9 - as they this is max number of photos Facebook shows on timeline), not including new ones.

Some people are reporting wrong count after deleting photos (with no solution how to reset it).

This reminded me of this bash.org piece:

<Doc> hmm.. IE crashed
<Doc> but i suppose it was my fault... after all, i did press teh "Back" button
<Doc> what was i thinking...
<cactoid> you madman
<Tippytoes> risktaker
<Doc> i like to live on the edge