Arch update

Yesterday I finally performed dreaded arch update on my local server. Everything went fine, but after reboot I couldn't ssh to it anymore. Not having external monitor and keyboard at that point (and for the past year) kinda bummed me out. And then I remembered I had some dinosaur PC parts in basement and among them keyboard. Monitor was easy - just use TV.

Arch removed (legacy) grub's menu.lst, but made backup before, so simple mv menu.lst.pacsave menu.lst from live cd did it.

Fix was easy and thanks to these old-school clickety-clack keys - fun.


Oh I remember those times when I used to have one of these keyboards. Pressing a key on it is pure awesomeness :) And I mean look at the size of this thing, it is almost bigger than your 21st century TV :D

Bottom line: Never throw away old keyboard, you never know when you might desperately need one.

Juris  |