Guest post by Artur.


City have old and new parts. New parts look like usual city without anything special. Old part is a mix of old buildings and new "ancient" buildings. There are some farmers markets located in old city where locals get their vegetables. There are parts of old city wall. And city have "sea" which you can drive around in one day.


Most colorfull part of the place is Cangshan mountains that are like a wall from west side of the city. All clouds comes from mountains. Whenever you look at mountains there always clouds. It doesn't matter if it's sunny or rainy -  you will get nice view on Changshan mountains.


Food becomes more simpler and more spicy. And now everywhere you see transparent shelves where ingridients are held.


City have many tea shops, where mostly you can buy puer. I got some cheap toucha to try how it tastes.


Maps didn't show any good roads here, but still I wanted to get as far as I can. Definately there are places where to hike. Deeper in mountains it gets coolder and more philosphical mood comes to you. I recommend to hike in Cangshan mountains. After few hours of making photos, I realised that there is no memory card in camera ... ha ha. Good that there is always old nokia in your hands.