First days in Hong Kong

Guest post by Artur.


When you talk to locals they usually measure distance in time to center. If it's more than 2 hours to get to the central part (and no one could tell where is the center) then it's rural area. Place where I'm staying is considered rural and it looks rural but it's only  couple of minutes away from "big city" with big houses and a lot of traffic.


I'm staying with my workmate who's family lives in Hongkong, total 6 people and 2 dogs in standard honkoniese flat. Sleeping on mattress as there is not enough beds. Watching local TV shows. Half of the doors that goes out of flats in house is open and you can see how other people on the same flour are living.


Hongkong and hiking? Isn't that overpopulated city with not enough space to live? Here in the middle of mountain park you can meet some cows and during 10km walk meet only few people. I would recommend to take some route and walk here so you can seen beautiful views on bays and different villages.


Trying as much as possible to eat different local foods. I don't always remember to take a photo. I like to try different strange drinks that you can buy locally. Prefererably 0.33l ones in cans.

Tea house

Tea house is place where people go and eat where dishes are placed in the center of round table. A little bit confusing that it's called tea house.


Thinking about what I traditionally do when I travel, I visit local cinemas and watch some local film. So I watched one. I would rate it 5/10 (will not watch it second time) from all chinese movies that I have seen before. Interestingly, bringing your own food inside cinema is allowed. Short story. Some chinese gambler owns money to chinese mafia. Chinese mafia sends that gambler to steal some jewelry from Russian mafia in Russia, Vladivostok. Chinese gambler steals jewelry and doesn't return it back. There is also old chinese army guy who protects gambler's child who owns money to chinese mafia from chinese mafia.

P.S. Sorry for bad photos as I do them only when I see something and usually never give myself a second try.


Pic. s tumanom....  mne napomnila Silent Hill. :D :S

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Какой бы пуэр в банке не был, один раз в жизни я попробовать хотел бы.

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