First self-made tea

Yesterday we bought electric travel teapot (0.5L) and 2 packs of different (and good) Darjeeling tea 50g each. This is how much it cost us (each one of us had to pay only half):

  • teapot: 1200 INR (12 LVL)
  • strainer: 45 INR (0.45 LVL)
  • Darjeeling first flush tea (50g): 100 INR (1 LVL)
  • Darjeeling organic tea (50g): 65 INR (0.65 LVL)


I call it expensive teapot!

Dro  | 

Bigger teapots are cheaper, so size matters. But yeah - it's kinda expensive when you are accustomized to indian prices

Raitis  |