Guangzhou popo

Guest post by Artur.


Guangzhou is big city with some central parts where all world's brand shops are located. Where young and wealthy people are walking around and having some shopping fun. Quite good transportation system with metros and taxi and it is quite cheap. Weather was quite good but humidity too high and from time to time it rains.


Grandma... I went with my friend to visit grandpa graveyard. That was main reason to stay at Guangzhou. But yea - in less than 24 hours I have visited 2 tea houses and eaten 1 home-made dinner. Popo was always worried if we wheren't hungry. Got a little bit tired of eating. If there a universal rule for all grandmas? Eat until you die. Osaka people in Japan told me the same rule. Definitely that is "truth" then.


Two tea houses. One is 8 Yuan for dish second is 4 Yuan for dish. And yea - tea houses is for rich people, like old people who have expensive thing that younger people don't have... time. It takes 1-2 hours just to enjoy food and talks. Usual meal is around 8-10 dishes here. Half of them is usual ones, but some of them are more expensive - so called special dishes.

P.S. I have been in city just ~24 hours and eaten 3 times - don't have any more power to do more.


Bet tie ēdieni ir tiiiiiik neapetitlīgi :D

Rolands  | 

Parasto ēdienu gan te nav. Un eed te ja visas kjermenja daljas. Nacas est arii vistu kjepas un cuukas asins zheleju.

Arturs  | 

:D Yekk.... Kā var nebūt parastu ēdienu...rīsi ar mērcīti nav?

Rolands  | 

Risi? Es tik vakar pirmo reizi te risi dabuju paest

Arturs  |