Kunming entrance to Yunnan

Guest post by Artur.


I'm in Kunming big city. Current weather is super good - allways sunny, allways good temperature. Air is quite dry - I even don't sweat because of it.


Found and tried few local beers, only one of them was good, other ones I didn't like so much. Now even my friend, who knows Mandarin, doesn't really know what to expect when he orders food. Also found a place with small rice breads with sweet stuff inside.

Tea market

Main reason for visiting Kunming is tea market. After some research found out there are two tea markets. I've visited one, where I bought some stuff but the second one I visited just for a check. It's the first time when I have been in real tea markets with infinite number of stores. Yunnan is famous for puer tea and all shops are full with puer cakes. When I did reasearch to check how many puer companies there are, I found a list of 150 company names. I know only few of them. A friend of mine asked to get some puer cakes and I didn't want to make him unhappy, so I went to branded tea shop. Prices there were better than online. Spent around 2-3 hours tasting puers from 100-500 yuans and were asking a lot of questions about tea.


First hostel in China, enjoying large open space. At night it is even possible to go to the roof and see stars and city lights. And price was just 25 yuans per night.

P.S. two weeks in China - "homesick" sindrom started.


Branded tea for a friend? Better make sure it is not cheap Chinese fake =]

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Ždu puerh-čik :)

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a tam bazari jestj ?

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