Making of tea

Today we visited tea factory. This was quite small factory, but it was unforgettable experience nevertheless. They produced CTC tea, which means Crush, Tear, Curl and consists of very small tea particles as opposed to full leaves. Basically it's black tea you can buy in supermarkets and is not very good.

First thing that struck me when going inside was the smell - it was very strong and reminded me of birch sauna whisks. Air was quite hot and very humid. I just wanted to stay there and breath this so familiar and pleasant mist.

In the end we bought 500g of chocolate flavoured tea for 110 rupees.

Whole tour cost me 15 rupees (5 entrance, 10 camera) which was definately worth it.


Šokolādes tēju, ne tikai ka provējis neesmu, pat dzirdējis par tādu neesmu.
Tas noteikti bij to vērts.

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