Guest post by Artur.

How big is planet Earth? My answer could be very small. I with Raitis met Nino when we where going to sightseeing in India. And after that we went to tea factory given to each other contacts made some photos.

But after 6 month Nino decided to visit Europe and also Latvia was his destination point. When Nino told  that he will visit Latvia I offered him to be guest in my house ( Nino likes backpacking that why cheap accommodation and free food is needed for him =] ). I count Nino one of the special international friends because we met just on the Indian street ~8000km from my home, he have been in my house ~10000km from his home and I hope to visit him in Japan ~10000km from my home.


Traveling is the best way how to meet new friends in my opinion. Your mind is open for new adventures and that's when it's also most open for new connections and new friendships can be created. At least I think that explains how easy for people is to find common language with each other while traveling, but so hard when you are living daily life.

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