Preparing bags

Guest post by Artur.

My last post was when I was still in Japan, this post is written in Scotland and tomorrow I'm going to China.

My flight is Edinburgh -> Amsterdam -> Beijing -> Hong-Kong. Wooh - just 20 hours in airports.

Main plan is to visit Kunming, Pu-er, Dali in Yunnan province, get some puers for friends and enjoy West side of China.

Last year in Scotland I have finished 2 courses of Mandarin language and I'm proficient enough to understand that I don't know it that well, but I know basics. I have also attended Chinese calligraphy classes and here is some of my "art" works:

I can definitely say that I'm interested in Chinese culture and language, but lets see what kind of experiences this travel will bring.

P.S. Going to enjoy freedom from downloading any films and watching everything I want in China.

P.S.S. If someone have any questions, then please drop some comment and I will answer personally ;]



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Незабуть про пуер. И главное много...

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