As some of you may know, I'm co-founder and developer of Tracday.  It's workout tracking app with focus on simplicity and speed. Track your workouts and them view more detailed stats on

Why another app? Some apps are huge resource hogs (I'm looking at you Endomondo), or lock you into using their system by not allowing bulk workout exports, forcing you to download one workout at a time, like it's 1699. Others are just plain bad from user experience viewpoint. Tracday team is passionate about our core values - speed, simplicity and openness.

I understand that some users need full-featured apps - in that case our app probably won't be for you. For everyone else - try it, and you just might love it.

You can download Android version in Google play. You can support us by downloading PRO version. We really appreciate every download as currently we sponsor everything ourselves.

iPhone version is coming soon as are lot of other goodies.