Guest post by Artur.

Chicken barn

Old chicken house was just some old house from village that was before. It stood for 50 years without maintenance and time changed this house to just dangerous building. Inside is mostly rotten wood. All walls are made of clay and have holes in them. Chickens occupy just small room inside.

This rope pinning machine and horse seat was on second floor.

Old building was demolished in just a few seconds and new building started to appear from old materials. I was responsible for planning and construction.

New building frame:

Guess who pretended to be working in this video?


From time to time come some journalists who are sneaking around and making photos. They where making some scenes in temple for some TV commercials. Here is some photographer and Docho posing.


Everything is about tea. After winter the only thing that left that I could do in long winter night buried in snow on top of mountains is just drink tea. I cut some bamboos before snow and put them to dry out. So the bamboo tea table born.

I secret tea drinking place in mountains with campfire and ware to make tea. I go there alone or with someone to have some tea and listen to river and forest sounds. Sit for two hours in this place and you fill quite calm. Doesn't matter winter or summer - I still went there to get some hot cup of tea.

Not always there should be tea table to drink tea. Take old car seat, get some cup and tea pot. Bring all that to some nice sunset spot and tea place is born. Comfortable way to enjoy sunset in free evening times.


One of the friends asked me to make some photos of bells. He have an uncle who have 2000 bells in his collection. I can not bring them to him but at least here are some photos.

Zen garden

For this year I was responsible for zen garden. Mostly putting water on moss and weeding. Once in cycle making some patterns.


If you stay in November then you are asked to write something for the year book and here is my creation:

Yearbook by Hozo

People who stay here for winter prepare winter report about some topic. I wanted to create something interesting at least for me to read and discover. Not just some making ocean of some abstract philosophy:

Winter report

Small craft works



Cool... Can't wait to see you in Latvia

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Are you still in Antaiji?

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Are you still in Antaiji?

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