Osaka-Riga-Osakaguest post

Im back to Japan. 2 month passed since previouse post ...  I was just waiting visa. It took 2 month and alot of

small troubles to get it, but im back in to Zen busines.

Exploring small Indian villagesguest post

On the last day of Vipassana a man came to me and we started talking. After a few hour chat he was showing me pictures of his friends and family. In the end of our conversation Hasmukh ( the mans name ) invited me tomorrow to come with him, he was going to visit his sister who lived in a Jay's temple and after that he can drop me off at the Bhuj railway station.

Vipassana Meditationguest post

Finally I have finished the Vipassana 10 day course and now I'll tell you how it was.
At first a little overview of what is Vipassana anyway. Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are, is one of India's most ancient techniques of meditation. It was rediscovered by Gotama Buddha more than 2500 years ago.

First day in Delhiguest post

When I've just arrived to Dheli at 03:00 am and exit the airport gate about 4 guys ran to me and said that they can take me to the city center for 50 rupees(about 60 cents). I said no thanks, I have a friend who will pick me up( although it was a lie, but it's better to say like that). I went straight to the metro and one guy followed me repeating that he can lift me to the center. And the funniest part is that the metro works from 06:00 am and I just sat on the floor at the station for 3 hours with a guy, who keeps repeating that he can lift me to the city centre.

В Москвеguest post

At the Sherementjevo airport. The flight took about one hour and twenty minutes. In picture you can see my bag. I've even taken extra pair of shoes and umbrella because right now Delhi is quite rainy.

And by the way - my bags weighs 8.6 kg, but maximum weight is 10 kg.