I'm long time Windows and Linux (Ubuntu, Arch) user, who loves efficiency. Recently bought MacBook Air and now I'm venting my frustrations with Apple here.

Mac's Dock adventure

So... I see the default dock as pretty much useless - it annoys the heck out of me, but for the time being I used it because alternatives are either not good or not free. Time to replace it...

Annoying Facebook bug

I once uploaded a bunch of wrong photos to Facebook's album and after realizing my mistake - deleted them. And this broke things. Now every time I upload photos to this album, Facebook incorrectly shows number of newly uploaded photos. If I upload 2 new photos, this is what my timeline will show:

Raitis Gorbacevičs added 11 new photos to the album India 2013.

Mac OS X upgrade

It just works!

Yeah, right... While I appreciate amazing battery life boost, installation itself was terrible.


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Arch update

Yesterday I finally performed dreaded arch update on my local server. Everything went fine, but after reboot I couldn't ssh to it anymore. Not having external monitor and keyboard at that point (and for the past year) kinda bummed me out. And then I remembered I had some dinosaur PC parts in basement and among them keyboard. Monitor was easy - just use TV.