Winterguest post

Winter has passed. I have seen all four seasons here. My most favorite is autumn as it is like Latvian summer and it reminds me of home. Now comes the time to go home.


Rohatsu Takuhatsu guest post

First snow started when we where seating 7 day seshin  ( rohatsu ) in quite nice +1 °C temperature. And I started do formal begging as zen buddhist just with 800 yen in the pocket, I just need to eat and pay for basic accomodation. thats how this time passed.

Tenzoguest post

Tenzo is chef in monastery - all food preperation depends on him.

Ninoguest post

How big is planet Earth? My answer could be very small. I with Raitis met Nino when we where going to sightseeing in India. And ...

Osaka-Riga-Osakaguest post

Im back to Japan. 2 month passed since previouse post ...  I was just waiting visa. It took 2 month and alot of

small troubles to get it, but im back in to Zen busines.