Mac's Dock adventure

So... I see the default dock as pretty much useless - it annoys the heck out of me, but for the time being I used it because alternatives are either not good or not free. Time to replace it...

Mac - Hide toolbar

Anyone wants to guess what "Hide toolbar" means in Finder? Correct! It hides toolbar, removes sidebar and turns on spatial mode. Couldn't have named it better myself.

Never again, Ubuntu, never again...

Ubuntu logo in the trash can

Every release is just worse and worse. And I'm not even (well, a little bit) complaining about adopting useless Mac features. Every major upgrade is oh-god-please-don't-break-this-time. And when it doesn't, it assumes (without asking) it's the king of the castle. Don't touch my MBR please.

Mac - win/app tabbing

Yes! Another productivity killer brought to you by Apple.

Remember old Alt + Tab which switches between windows on non-mac OSes? Mac also has it:  + Tab. When I press this shortcut, I see row of icons - nothing new here - but if you switch to minimized app, nothing happens. And there is no indication other than visual "something" in dock (if you use dock autohide - too bad, Apple doesn't care about your special needs).

If you happen to know that app, you want to bring to front, is minimized, you can press  while holding  while hovering on chosen app and then let go of .  You will probably have to slow down to remember the exact sequence of things you have to do to perform this magic, but slow is good -  +  + Tab with one hand? Torture.

Focus, you fool

It's insane how this is an issue. Or is it only me? Let's start with clean desktop, e.g. all windows either closed or minimised. Let's now open any app, say, Terminal. Now open another app, say Finder. Minimize Finder. Roll your eyes. Where did the focus go? Why is this happening? Why can't Apple just stick to productive behaviour and re-focus first app?